FI Cleaning Solutions, services residential clients as well as a wide variety of industries and businesses including but not limited to:

  • Office Buildings and Suites
  • Health Care facilities and Medical Offices
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Industrial Complexes and Warehouses
  • Schools and Daycare Facilities
  • Churches and other non-profit Organizations
 Actually serving the Following Buildings:
State Farms/ 2,500 SQ FT/8348 Macon Road, Suite A ,Cordova, TN 38016
C-1, INC /2,100 SQ FT/ 6409 Summer Gale Drive Memphis, TN 38134
ENOBLE/56,000 SQ FT/ 813 Ridge Lake Blvd. Memphis, TN
Some others services provided as Sub-Contractor
Building of/93,206 SQ FT
Building of/ 29,333
Building of/ 72,612 SQ FT
Building of / 23,028.40 SQ FT
Building of/23,400 SQ FT
Building of/26,946 SQ FT
Building of/ 3,000 SQ FT